Mann hält Angel und Köder

Big catch.

Here on the left, a man. In his right hand a fishing rod, in his left seemingly a kind of bait. Wherever he looks, it is barely recognizable. The reflection of his sunglasses only suggests it. But what he is up to seems clear. He, too, will throw the fishing rod over the balustrade again…

Regenschirmverkäufer an Straßenecke

Today on sale.

The daily mission to have earned enough in the evening, to pay your rent and to be able to conjure up a warm meal. This is exactly one of the problems the man in the center of the picture has to struggle with every day. On his head is a small umbrella, the main symbol…

3 Kinder und ein Hochzeitspaar auf Straße

One city, many sides.

On the left side there are three children, the front one looks directly into the camera, the other two seem unimpressed. They all seem shy. What exactly are they doing? This is not immediately clear. The gaze of the two more distant girls leads up the street, a path with a steep ascent. The houses…

Junge im T-Shirt geht an 3 verschleierten Frauen vorbei

Where cultures meet.

Especially here in Istanbul there is a lot of tradition, numerous customs and practices that seem strange to us from Germany. Here you can see four ladies, veiled in black robes. A little boy passes by them. For him quite normal, a part of the culture and everyday life here in Istanbul. Istanbul combines the…

2 Straßenverkäufer

Tradition and future.

This is where I ended up in a very important place on my photo trip. It almost seems as if I had been waited for. Two older men greet me and want to sell me something. With cups and tablets they try to attract my attention and present something to me. Their glances? Hard to…

kleiner Junge verkauft Wasserflaschen

Big eyes of a little boy.

It is a small shop in Istanbul, it offers a wide range of fresh fish. Everything seems provisionally brought together, even the water sits on a tray placed on top of two styrofoam boxes. Some customers shopping in the store, are the driving force of the season, the basis of the financial income. But despite…

5 Jungen mit Einkäufen

A life of contrasts?

I met these street children at the Eminönü – a place near the Galata bridge. I wanted to photograph them secretly, but then they discovered me. Instead of being angry, they asked me to take some pictures of them. Be a star once for a short moment? Despite happy faces, I’m not completely convinced. What…

kleiner Junge und alter Mann gehen zwischen bröckelnden Wänden

Generations meet.

But where are the differences? This picture shows two people, an older man with a walking stick and a slightly smaller boy. They move along a paved, quite wide road. The street is bordered by old, brittle walls, decorated with street paintings and the signs of the times. On the other side there are bushes…