Fahrradfahrer vor traditionellem Haus zeigt in die Kamera

Chaos of a city.

But like in Shanghai, it’s actually nowhere else. This impression again shows what this multi-faceted city and the people around it are all about. Here you can see two oncoming cyclists, numerous pedestrians and many other road users. But everything seems to be under control. For a short moment it seems as if everything is…

Köche arbeiten in enger Küche

Traditional culinary culture.

What is it that makes this world metropolis so special? These were the questions I asked myself before my trip. I myself met many people, the everyday life of the city and the hectic pace behind the beautiful lights and high skyscrapers. Here you can see the kitchen of a restaurant. Countless bamboo baskets pile…

Rundgang mit Deckenhohen Fenstern

Seen from the very top.

Shanghai, a place of many skyscrapers and beautiful vantage points to view the city from above. For many tourists a real highlight in search of new motifs and lasting memories. Also this picture shows two tourists, clearly recognizable by big cameras and a great interest to explore the city from above. Right next to it,…