Mann steht im Türrahmen einer Steinhütte in der Wüste

Entrance to the diversity of a city.

From inside to outside, from the dark surroundings to the bright world. It is precisely this contrast that this street photography represents, which here in Cairo occupies a very special kind of art. I myself am not far away from the great and diverse pyramids that are so characteristic for this environment here in Egypt.…

Mann mit Besen an Treppenabgang

Behind the facade.

A look inside the many houses shows what is hidden behind the mostly beautiful front. I myself came across an older gentleman, clutching the broom tightly with both hands. He really doesn’t like to be photographed. He does not gaze directly into the camera, but rather past it. However, with a slight squint he does…

heruntergekommener VW Käfer am Straßenrand

Another European in the city.

The things you can find below the big streets. In this case a small VW Beetle, probably the best known vehicle from Germany. How did it get here? I don’t know. The paint is in a good condition, but there are some minor damages that fit the environment. Beside the beetle there are other vehicles.…

3 Kinder mit einem Hund

This is where I find them again.

In a rather unpleasant environment I came across these four guys, who were already waiting for me with joy. Among them is a dog, visibly tense and not quite so young anymore. The ground around the boys is marked by dirt and also the surrounding walls have many frustrated attacks behind them. Similarly also the…

mit Sammlerstücken überlaufende Regale

Something from every time.

I myself feel as a photographer in the middle of the depths of a great passion. In a project that connects many collector’s items and shares them with me on a seemingly endless shelf. I myself feel overwhelmed by the diversity and hardly see any possibility of keeping track of things despite the clear structure.…

Burgtor mit vielen Waren

The gateway to another world.

Special details and impressions are not always to be found directly in people. In this case it was the many antiques and collectibles that inspired me and that provided the motif for a perfect picture. It doesn’t quite fit into the existing surroundings, the large and intriguing entrance gate to a former castle. But now…

2 Männer schlachten Tiere auf der Straße

The normal workday routine.

Many things in the actually very beautiful city seem confusing, a little paradoxical and for us Europeans some situations here offer a rather unusual sight. Like the work of these two men, which shapes the image of the city in many places. From animals meat and skins are taken to produce food and clothes for…

ein Berg Schrott in einer Nebenstraße

A mountain of scrap.

It isn’t really clear what exactly that is. But it seems like a big mountain that has evolved over time. From many individual parts and things that the locals put on it. Nobody seems to have any real control over it. Behind the front pile of individual parts there are many other places where the…

Mann hält Angel und Köder

Big catch.

Here on the left, a man. In his right hand a fishing rod, in his left seemingly a kind of bait. Wherever he looks, it is barely recognizable. The reflection of his sunglasses only suggests it. But what he is up to seems clear. He, too, will throw the fishing rod over the balustrade again…

Regenschirmverkäufer an Straßenecke

Today on sale.

The daily mission to have earned enough in the evening, to pay your rent and to be able to conjure up a warm meal. This is exactly one of the problems the man in the center of the picture has to struggle with every day. On his head is a small umbrella, the main symbol…