Steg über einem See mit Bergen im Hintergrund

Water, air and love.

A touch of culture, nature and peace. In the background the diversity of the mountains, their reflection in the cool water. In front of it the city, to be seen on the picture on the left side. A combination of nature and urban longing. In focus a footbridge with three people, upright posture, dazzled by…

Ältere Dame geht über einen Platz mit Prada Geschäft im Hintergrund

Elegance and grace of a lady.

In the background the prestigious Prada shop Milans, some people look into the surroundings. On the left side there are several people. Observers of art, music or other beauties of everyday life. Only in the center a lady, hasty step out of the picture focus. Hands wrapped in white gloves, firmly clamped to a small…

Frau lehnt sich mit Kamera in Händen zurück

The perfect photo.

But little time to capture a moment forever? My trip to Milan showed me how absorbed people can be in an impression. Many people in a confined space. In the center a young lady, her gaze centered on her own smartphone. What does she see on her display? What moment does she hide everything around…