IstanbulStreet PhotographyJunge im T-Shirt geht an 3 verschleierten Frauen vorbei

Especially here in Istanbul there is a lot of tradition, numerous customs and practices that seem strange to us from Germany. Here you can see four ladies, veiled in black robes. A little boy passes by them. For him quite normal, a part of the culture and everyday life here in Istanbul.

Istanbul combines the Muslim elements with the many traditions and impressions that belong to the city’s history and millennia of development. Nevertheless, it is not clear what is behind such garments. Who is behind it. What exactly characterizes everyday life and the associated veiling. They are all four connected by their freedom. By autonomy open and at the same time locked in the community.

Exactly such a thing is perfectly normal in Istanbul. However, the paths of the ladies remain unclear, the feelings, the impressions and the emotions are completely unrecognised. What shapes people remains personal. The many stories, impressions and experiences. But these are the secrets that will remain here. Only this picture remains for us. And the most important thing of all is to always be open and tolerant towards our fellow human beings.