MilanStreet PhotographySteg über einem See mit Bergen im Hintergrund

A touch of culture, nature and peace. In the background the diversity of the mountains, their reflection in the cool water. In front of it the city, to be seen on the picture on the left side. A combination of nature and urban longing. In focus a footbridge with three people, upright posture, dazzled by the beauty of the sight. In the background a young woman with blond, open hair, her smartphone directed at a young couple.

And I as a witness to a photograph that connects the human with nature and perfectly captures the colour contrast between water and sun. The young couple in the foreground also seems to have sunk into their own photographers. The man with his bag in his left hand, his smartphone in his right, shortly before photographing the lady in front of Milan’s backdrop. What exactly can be seen in the picture remains unrecognizable to us.

We follow the perspective of the lady in the background, also a witness to the beautiful moment. Many memories spring from a situation. An impressive environment that provides the perfect backdrop for everyone involved. The emotions here are not necessarily in the people themselves, but in the complexity of a direct connection. Exactly this combination of impressions that make the experience an unforgettable moment for everyone involved. It is a true spectacle. A small footbridge, slightly secluded from the city centre, becomes the backdrop of passion. A motif for a picture that carries true love. Not only the love for the wonderful city, but above all the love of an enchanting couple. Perhaps a holiday, but perhaps also the simple impression of everyday life. We don’t know. We ourselves only witness a beauty that connects the human with this magical environment.