BudapestStreet Photographygekrümmt gehende ältere Frau

Nothing gets clearer than that. Man himself shapes this environment, adapts himself. Even if the purpose of himself is often in the shadow of what is happening. This picture also shows the combination of modernity and remaining structures. In the centre an older woman, slightly curved and very thin. Her gait seems to be uneven and yet she tortures herself.

Behind her, three passers-by, just a few seconds before, run past her. But everyone only pays attention to himself. Blinded by shops, brands and the street, the eye for the essentials is quickly lost. The eye for people’s passions and passion, the eye for their feelings. The woman’s face looks sad or perhaps she is simply lost in her thoughts.

Similarly, the wooden door to the right of the woman is recognizable. Like man, she shapes the development of the city and the details associated with it. It stands for history, it illustrates everything that has happened in the many years before. The surroundings thus become a figurehead for mankind. Exactly for these people, whom we as tourists mostly only get presented from the beautiful sides.

But this streetphotography shows how different the impression and the reality can be. New meets old, experience meets the here and now. Impressions of the past? Impressions of the future! Those who believe to see the real city in the buildings and shops have never noticed the people. Exactly these people, who have been shaping Budapest for years and who are illustrating the diverse structures at first hand. A city is more than its appearance tells us.