ShanghaiStreet PhotographyKöche arbeiten in enger Küche

What is it that makes this world metropolis so special? These were the questions I asked myself before my trip. I myself met many people, the everyday life of the city and the hectic pace behind the beautiful lights and high skyscrapers. Here you can see the kitchen of a restaurant. Countless bamboo baskets pile up. Everywhere you look you see little towers. With them, the traditional delicacies of the city are prepared, which are also so loved by the countless tourists. What is only a snapshot for us, becomes the whole life for others.

Several people, at least six, are involved in the work. Almost everyone involved is busy and engrossed in their work. The photo? Nobody really notices that. The entire team follows their individual steps of preparation. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes of the sparkling and shimmering city life behind which many hard-working people stand.

I would have loved to try one of these delicacies and get to know this distant eating culture better. But my journey took me further – to the next special moment of everyday life.