IstanbulStreet PhotographyRegenschirmverkäufer an Straßenecke

The daily mission to have earned enough in the evening, to pay your rent and to be able to conjure up a warm meal. This is exactly one of the problems the man in the center of the picture has to struggle with every day. On his head is a small umbrella, the main symbol of his business. Right in front of him he presents his offer, tries to convince us with the different variants.

He himself sits in front of a large wall, somehow matching the surroundings. But the colourful umbrella on the dealer’s head somehow doesn’t match his looks. He seems exhausted, overworked and unmotivated to continue his business. But exactly this is the everyday life of many street vendors here in Istanbul, who have to live from small stalls and have little choice. The man’s eyes point to the clientele, to the only drive of everyday life, to the back and forth between conversation and sale.

It is truly not an easy life, even if it usually seems like harassment. The daily attempt to convince new customers and sell the umbrellas at a profit. It does not become clear what or whom the man thinks of. But his gaze shows that more than just the facade, more than just the one umbrella stands behind him and his thoughts.