CairoStreet Photography3 Kinder mit einem Hund

In a rather unpleasant environment I came across these four guys, who were already waiting for me with joy. Among them is a dog, visibly tense and not quite so young anymore. The ground around the boys is marked by dirt and also the surrounding walls have many frustrated attacks behind them. Similarly also the dented vehicle, almost already the scenery of the raging children, from perfection however far away.

But exactly this environment, which is revealed by a look behind the beautiful places of the city, is the habitat of the native residents. The environment of the people who ensure the success of the daily routine in the city. For the four boys this seems to be their true home. All four obviously have fun dealing with the dog and smile straight into the camera. It is a little beauty in a heap full of indifference. A small impulse that makes us think and emphasizes the beautiful sides of life.

I am personally happy that at least the children in the world are almost all the same and just love to play. The environment doesn’t always play a role in feeling good and having fun together with friends. Exactly these are the beautiful emotions of the city, which bring joy by watching and which become the basis of everyday life for so many people. This is exactly how the beautiful impressions of the city must be, which can also be discovered by the locals and the many stories here on the spot.