MilanStreet PhotographyFrau lehnt sich mit Kamera in Händen zurück

But little time to capture a moment forever? My trip to Milan showed me how absorbed people can be in an impression. Many people in a confined space. In the center a young lady, her gaze centered on her own smartphone. What does she see on her display? What moment does she hide everything around her?

It has to be something big. A motif that hardly fits on the display itself. A moment that only she can understand. Other people are unimpressed. They are travelling in different directions, each with a different destination. The woman in the centre may already have found her destination “the perfect photo”. She really bends herself for it. Nobody stands around the young woman. Only the inconspicuous dove seems to approach carefully.

The streetphotography shows a short moment, which becomes eternity through the picture. It illustrates how quickly everything and everyone in the environment can become secondary in order to capture a moment forever. What is there to see? Friends? A work of art? A very special memory? For us it is definitely that. It is a picture within a picture, a photograph of reality. The real everyday life, real impressions and real feelings. A really great environment, right here in Milan.