CairoStreet Photography2 Männer schlachten Tiere auf der Straße

Many things in the actually very beautiful city seem confusing, a little paradoxical and for us Europeans some situations here offer a rather unusual sight. Like the work of these two men, which shapes the image of the city in many places. From animals meat and skins are taken to produce food and clothes for the own population. And this happens in the streets. Despite the resilient activity, the two men seem quite relaxed. Almost as if they were doing this work every day. Perhaps the two of them have little more left to do.

The man standing on the left looks directly into the camera. Does he feel caught? The black-and-white contrast makes the whole thing seem a bit dramatic, clarifies the closed eyes of the animal. He doesn’t seem to be really happy. It is also a real burden for one’s own feelings and emotions to have to prepare the animals in this way.

The other man, on the other hand, is used to his work. What seems so shocking and somehow wrong to me seems to be everyday life here in Cairo. It reflects the daily life, the way to one’s own income and the possibility to escape oneself. A real journey through the feelings and impressions of the people, no matter how stressful their daily tasks may be.