CairoStreet PhotographyBurgtor mit vielen Waren

Special details and impressions are not always to be found directly in people. In this case it was the many antiques and collectibles that inspired me and that provided the motif for a perfect picture. It doesn’t quite fit into the existing surroundings, the large and intriguing entrance gate to a former castle. But now this place seems to have found another purpose to unfold itself.

The shop of the many pieces is located directly behind the large entrance gate. It is a small, seemingly inconspicuous shop, surrounded by many plates, porcelain, clothes and other things. A real concept is not recognizable, but this is exactly what makes the system around this small shop so special. It’s not about what the vases, plates and clothes are really worth. It’s all about this beautiful symbol and the special atmosphere that can be created by the small sale in this tranquil place.

The man on the right and the customer in the centre seem almost inconspicuous. The magic of the surroundings makes you disappear into the background. A true line is not recognizable. Both quickly become a certain complement, taking care of the many collector’s items themselves. The man on the right could be a salesman. Deep in the comprehensive and seemingly endless offer. He and the many small details stand for great structures and a diverse environment that characterizes a city like Cairo.