IstanbulStreet PhotographyReihe von Anglern schaut über Brüstung einer Brücke

The Galata Bridge – one of my absolute favourite places. Here I discover a long queue of people. They all look over the balustrade, down into the water. The job connects most of them. The daily effort for the hard-fought survival. For many inhabitants here in Istanbul, fishing is a frequent source of income to feed their wives, children and, last but not least, themselves. They form the basis of daily life.

Everyday life is not easy. The seas and other waters are already completely overfished, and the motivation seems to suffer as well. More than ten men are fighting for the last fish to bring home a few more coins. It is the profession of countless fishermen. Or rather the vocation? But the fishermen don’t seem to have much fun. The effort to survive in a city like Istanbul and make a good business with one’s own work is too great.

The many passers-by and tourists don’t seem to mind this. For them it is almost a small sight, a frequent motive for beautiful holiday pictures. What do the fishermen get out of it? Certainly not much. Maybe even more vacationers, whose desire for fish blows the boundaries of the seas. Perhaps another competitor that participates in the overfished market and makes the daily struggle for survival even tougher.

But what does the man in the centre of the picture do? He looks into the distance. He doesn’t have a fishing rod. But the impression doesn’t really seem liberating either. His posture seems slightly exhausted, he supports himself on the railing. We don’t know what the man is thinking about. But whatever it is, it is held forever.