CairoStreet Photographymit Sammlerstücken überlaufende Regale

I myself feel as a photographer in the middle of the depths of a great passion. In a project that connects many collector’s items and shares them with me on a seemingly endless shelf. I myself feel overwhelmed by the diversity and hardly see any possibility of keeping track of things despite the clear structure. One has the feeling to discover something from every time. The time was somehow preserved here.

Personally I don’t recognize a fixed pattern, a real structure. But maybe it should be the same. Also the floor is already filled with collector’s items, for me there is hardly any space to step. When I look at this variety, I am faced with numerous questions. The question about the origin of these items, about the goal and of course about the many individual stories that undoubtedly belong to this very special passion for collecting.

It is an emotional connection. A combination of man and object. I myself do not see a collector here, but I recognize the passion. The many memories that stand behind the temporal development and the details associated with it. Exactly in this place different times, moments and events meet, which shape the lives of many people. I stand right below them and let myself be visibly impressed by the diversity of a collection, as if from a bottomless barrel.