ShanghaiStreet PhotographyRundgang mit Deckenhohen Fenstern

Shanghai, a place of many skyscrapers and beautiful vantage points to view the city from above. For many tourists a real highlight in search of new motifs and lasting memories. Also this picture shows two tourists, clearly recognizable by big cameras and a great interest to explore the city from above. Right next to it, there is a binocular, but due to the beauty of the view, it is hardly necessary.

The seemingly clear structure of the room design as a contrast to the hectic view of the city. On the picture we only get to see the order, represented by uniformly positioned flower pots and a clear structure of the window division. What we do not get to see is the view of the couple. Clearly out of the window into the life of the big city. But what do they see? The possibilities are almost endless.

What remains for us is the moment. The moment on this early morning, when the light of the city is reflected on the floor of the platform. A bright impression of an even brighter illuminated city. We don’t see exactly what is behind it. But we are witness to an impression, to a moment of freedom. The magic of freedom to stand at the highest point and look down on the world. A feeling of longing, not for us, but for the two of them, who are about 10 meters away and experience Shanghai pure.