BudapestStreet PhotographyPersonen in Kaffee durch Schaufenster

On my photo trip I tried to collect as many different impressions as possible to get a picture of Budapest. I also noticed this café where people look directly at the street. They are practically presented on a tray, so that new customers can convince themselves of the food. And my photo? It doesn’t seem to upset the people involved either. At least the cow of the shop window advertisement does not distort the face.

The reflection of the small café shows more beautiful houses. It seems like a paradise for tourists to discover new details from all sides and to explore the surroundings. The man in the café also seems to be focused on the surroundings, his gaze is rigidly forward. It looks like the lunch break, which finally creates time for a clear thought and makes you forget all the stress. Clear glances in a beautiful environment that takes getting used to.

Even the small breaks become a lasting impression through the photographs. Personally, I find it fascinating to analyse the small details of the residents’ everyday lives and to search for reasons. After reasons for the behaviour, after reasons for the daily drive. Life is fascinating. At every place anew. Hardly any other city offers so much light, but also shadow at the same time, which is why I can also be happy about a short break from the stressful city events.