BudapestStreet PhotographyMann nutzt Telefonzelle

A wide footpath, completely without cars and the annoying city noise. Even the birds come to rest and go on a relaxed journey through the city. People sit on the bench on the side of the road. Relaxation and calmness are written all over their faces and the other passers-by also radiate a relaxed calm. It is an enchanting combination of the impressions of nature, the animal world and people.

The many trees act like a kind of tent under the clouds, offering people additional protection. The atmosphere is almost disturbed by the benches and stones, but the calm and relaxed atmosphere creates a modern unity. What doesn’t fit at all is the telephone booth, but the paradoxical elements of the city also go quite easily by the hand.

With graffiti on the phone booth this nice impression is weakened for the time being, but exactly such details show the effect of the human being. Exactly this work, which becomes a blessing for some, but a curse for others. Also the man in focus doesn’t seem to be bothered by the surroundings and makes his phone call with the necessary calmness. Although he seems to be focused and striving, he definitely doesn’t make a stressed and hectic impression.

Even though we are in the big city, there can also be relaxed corners. This small environment, accompanied by trees and nature, is a nice addition that people also appreciate. The sunlight shines through the trees, the animals cross the path in a relaxed way and the people seem to be satisfied somehow. So it can be really pleasant to meet people also as strangers and to become a part of this very special, but somehow also completely normal happening.