CairoStreet PhotographyMann steht im Türrahmen einer Steinhütte in der Wüste

From inside to outside, from the dark surroundings to the bright world. It is precisely this contrast that this street photography represents, which here in Cairo occupies a very special kind of art. I myself am not far away from the great and diverse pyramids that are so characteristic for this environment here in Egypt. But not only the architecture and the modern stone buildings are convincing here, but also the multifaceted people.

The motive is more than the exit from the small stone hut. It is a man – my tour guide, who approaches me. He himself looks very typical of the country, safe and dressed to match the surroundings. Directly behind him one of the camels typical for the desert, that are also part of the breathtaking and varied culture. I stand directly under them, in the middle of a country that I know only from picture books and reports.

It is an indescribable situation to belong to this environment and to observe the phenomena of nature. A glance out of the door is enough to impress me permanently and to never get out of my amazement again. The big sand cliffs, the wide deserts, without a fixed goal in sight. It is these infinite expanses that make such an environment unique and touch me deeply. The people, the animals and the nature here become a connection that magically affects the whole country and the diversity of the city of Cairo.