MilanStreet PhotographyÄltere Dame geht über einen Platz mit Prada Geschäft im Hintergrund

In the background the prestigious Prada shop Milans, some people look into the surroundings. On the left side there are several people. Observers of art, music or other beauties of everyday life. Only in the center a lady, hasty step out of the picture focus. Hands wrapped in white gloves, firmly clamped to a small booklet, nestled against the beautifully decorated bag.

Her gaze centers, despite glasses, a clear view of the action. It is the haste of everyday life that is always present in the beautiful Milan. Moments of peace and serenity? A true rarity! There is a story behind every human being, but what exactly occupies this lady? Or where is she on her way to? Unfortunately, we don’t know. She shows us only a slight smile and goes her way – with this certain elegance and grace.

Behind a lot of colourful dresses, modern accessories and a touch of luxury there is an ordinary person. A person, like everyone else. Real feelings and secrets with the desire to be reached and understood. What we see from the outside is only the shell around a soft core. Life goes on, mostly formless and hasty. However, a closer look shows that life is diversity. The moment is reality and the person is emotion. An impression for eternity and the view of a small part of Milan’s everyday life.