ShanghaiStreet PhotographyFahrradfahrer vor traditionellem Haus zeigt in die Kamera

But like in Shanghai, it’s actually nowhere else. This impression again shows what this multi-faceted city and the people around it are all about. Here you can see two oncoming cyclists, numerous pedestrians and many other road users. But everything seems to be under control. For a short moment it seems as if everything is standing still. I am in the midst of them, even somewhat overwhelmed by the situation.

The man on the converted bicycle is directly looking at us. His right hand stretched out in our direction. A warning? A friendly thank you? The Gentleman’s gaze suggests the second, seems to have recognized us as strangers in our surroundings. The others, however, do not pay any further attention to us and follow their everyday lives.

An everyday life without end, a long way without the right goal and a gigantic crowd of people from whom everyone pursues their tasks. Here in Shanghai everything works according to fixed patterns. There is no time for coincidences in this city of millions. And we, for a short moment all among them. Like a drop of water in the sea that can hardly be distinguished from the others.

They all seem to be somehow very absorbed in their tasks. Everyone follows fixed procedures. Already the stress and the speed show the fascinating situation of this big city, to which now we also belong. Nobody thinks of accidents or danger here. In spite of the high speed everything is very relaxed here. At one point or another a bit more relaxed than I really like. But exactly this is the raving everyday life in Shanghai.