IstanbulStreet Photographykleiner Junge verkauft Wasserflaschen

It is a small shop in Istanbul, it offers a wide range of fresh fish. Everything seems provisionally brought together, even the water sits on a tray placed on top of two styrofoam boxes. Some customers shopping in the store, are the driving force of the season, the basis of the financial income. But despite the existing structure, the clean floor and the homely atmosphere, something seems strange.

Directly behind the water there is a little boy, maximum 4 to 5 years old. He helped his father sell the water to earn some pocket money. His gaze points upwards. I don’t know what attracted his attention at that moment. His eyes are big, his mouth closed. All in all, a snivelling impression is created and the tiredness seems to be written in the little boy’s face.

What exactly is behind the situation is not clear. What remains is the hopeful and at the same time focused expression with which the boy looks upwards. Apparently so small and insignificant that even large glances have no effect. Big and begging looks that no little boy should bother with.