IstanbulStreet PhotographyMann hält Angel und Köder

Here on the left, a man. In his right hand a fishing rod, in his left seemingly a kind of bait. Wherever he looks, it is barely recognizable. The reflection of his sunglasses only suggests it. But what he is up to seems clear. He, too, will throw the fishing rod over the balustrade again and go in search of fresh fish. Just like every day, always at the same time and place.

His gaze could be happier. There is a slight smile, but it doesn’t seem to suggest emotion. Rather the security for the cigarette held in the mouth, which finds no more place in both hands. His cap protects him from the sun, which makes sense considering the high temperatures. At this point, a really strenuous job becomes the basis and source of income for a person.

Six fish at once! Not only I seem to be impressed. Also on the right side a man has crept into the picture, who apparently observes the angler. It holds itself back, but somehow it doesn’t seem really strange. More like a restaurant owner from next door, a buyer for the freshly caught fish. At least he looks happy, stands relaxed at his side and watches the fisherman’s work.

How much work he really has remains hidden. I take too little part in his everyday life to gain a lasting impression. It looks like a breath of pride typical of Turkey. The attachment to one’s own country. Everybody does his best and tries to relieve his family. A never-ending cycle of effort and stress, which does not pass the tense and yet somehow friendly face of the angler.