CairoStreet PhotographyMann mit Besen an Treppenabgang

A look inside the many houses shows what is hidden behind the mostly beautiful front. I myself came across an older gentleman, clutching the broom tightly with both hands. He really doesn’t like to be photographed. He does not gaze directly into the camera, but rather past it. However, with a slight squint he does not completely avoid the photo, whereby this lasting and not quite clear impression remains.

This man has been working as a cleaner for the city for almost 33 years. Day after day, seven days a week. He has never done anything else. That was unimaginable for me. I asked him if he ever wanted to do another job or live somewhere else. But he only looked at me in astonishment and did not understand my question. His answer surprised me. Here he had everything he needed to feed his family and laugh.

At first glance the man may seem sad, but this is only a snapshot. What is really going on with the people inside, you only learn when you take the time and talk to them. This man is satisfied and happy. He doesn’t need fast cars, Instagram or the latest iPhone. He is content and happy because he has an important job for him and because his family is healthy.