CairoStreet Photographyheruntergekommener VW Käfer am Straßenrand

The things you can find below the big streets. In this case a small VW Beetle, probably the best known vehicle from Germany. How did it get here? I don’t know. The paint is in a good condition, but there are some minor damages that fit the environment. Beside the beetle there are other vehicles. On the other side of the road a somewhat newer model, behind it an older car.

The surroundings of the vehicles are very dirty. However, no people whatsoever are around. We are directly under a big bridge, where the actual traffic happens. Below the action and the racing traffic that is so characteristic for big cities like Cairo. I myself am at least impressed by the myriad of things we see far away.

Not only the owner, but also the vehicle itself has certainly experienced a lot. Far more than 30 years separate the present time from the moment of manufacture, whereby the vehicle could probably get to know many surroundings. How the car has now arrived here in beautiful Cairo is not quite clear to me. Maybe it drove here, maybe it even came from here. Behind many objects there is a similar story, the background of which I cannot understand so easily.