BudapestStreet PhotographyLaden mit vollgestopften Regalen

What seems like a simple shop at first glance is much more than that for the whole city. It represents the whole of Budapest, an apparently ordered city, but one that lets its own facade crumble at many corners. The combination of people, experience and individuality, as in this business, allows everything to be perceived in a clearly structured way, but reality is far from it.

What at first glance looks like a lot of chaos here, represents a quite clear structure overall. On every shelf there are collector’s items, special elements of a beautiful environment. Perhaps the life’s work of a collector, or the work of a whole family. What lies behind the mixture of technology, jewellery and many other items, however, can hardly be clarified at a glance.

And despite the openness, the shop seems to be quite closed in itself. It seems like a journey into nothingness to follow the corridor further and to sink into the quantities of the most diverse collector’s items. Behind each of these numerous pieces there is a story, a memory and possibly a whole life. What looks like a pure business quickly becomes a collection of numerous impressions and experiences that shape life in Budapest and people’s development.

I myself am impressed by such diversity. All comparable, but somehow completely unique. A certain order, but at the same time chaotic again, somehow calm, but somehow also full and alive. It is the city of contradictions, the city of a living history and many people who are lost in everyday life. This is exactly what shapes Budapest and for me it is the beauty of this diverse environment.