ShanghaiStreet Photographyenge Nebenstraße mit Dach aus Streben, Kabeln und Wäscheleinen

The path leads through a small, at first sight inconspicuous alley. But this is exactly where the real life of Shanghai takes place. This is exactly where the many people who live in this city of millions live their daily lives. Above the alley there are many cables, grids, nets and poles. Some of them are used to hang clothes out to dry. It is precisely this lack of space and opportunity that makes people more creative in this regard.

These stand directly below the scene and seem to be chatting. Life in and around Shanghai never sleeps. There is always a lot to do. On the sides of the alleys there are the bicycles, protected and covered with cloths and tarpaulins. Prepared for their next use, which will surely come soon. They are not only the means to an end, but also the only basis of life for many residents. They are the car for narrow alleys, the truck for the footpath and the drive when things have to go fast.

The alleyway illustrates exactly what people experience every day. And I stand directly between them. The end of the way is barely in view and floor on top of floor stack into the air. As a human being I suddenly feel very small. But is it just me? For the locals at least everything seems to be normal. It’s everyday life that makes you reflect and somehow enchants such a simple place. A snapshot of life and an impression of daily routine.